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DMCA (Digital Millenium Copyright Act)

The ProCrackerz is a website that provides the latest software with some activators for the welfare of the needy students and other internet users. Our work is only to promote the full software usage for only study purpose. All the stuff and articles are written by our expert writes. So, there is no copied content on this site

Our motive is only the convenience of the internet users. We are serving people the best stuff they are looking for. Ultimately, we follow the Digital Millenium Copyright Act rules and regulations enforced by the USA in 1998. We are glad to serve people their needy stuff but our first priority is to follow DMCA. That is why we are not providing stuff that can harm someone’s productivity. However, if you think that we have any stuff that contains copyright issue then frankly tell us with proof. The copyright infringement claim must follow our criteria that are:

  • You must give a complete detail of the copyrighted content with proof.
  • If possible then kindly send us screenshot or pic that can clearly describe the copyrighted content.
  • You must give us your contact info so that our team can contact you.

Our team will quickly answer your complaints.

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